How will Akshay Kumar maintain that physique? Khiladi spills body-building secrets on 52nd birthday

How will Akshay Kumar maintain that physique? Khiladi spills body-building secrets on 52nd birthday

On his 52nd birthday, Akshay Kumar has urged his fans to figure out and build a body the natural means, and not with the assistance of supplements.

Actor Akshay Kumar turned 52. (Photo: News18)
In AN age of instant gratifications, everything has to happen at once. Ripped muscles and abs that might cut rock and also the validation that comes with all those likes and comments on social media once you post your Gympie, is simply one among those things we wish to be delivered to the USA instantly.

52-year-old actor Akshay Kumar, however, is strictly against that kind of instant gratification. For he is aware of, it doesn’t pay within the end of the day.
Akshay turned fifty-two these days, and amid birthday desires running in from his peers within the trade and also the announcement of his Diwali 2020 unharness, Prithviraj, Akshay shared a shirtless ikon of himself with female offspring Nitara. within the image, Akshay is seen showing off his lean physique. "We square measure What we have a tendency to Eat...Be a Product of Mother Nature... do not be a Product of a Product #AntiSupplements Be faithful your body carries you in ways that you simply unreal of at this me, I’m a father of 2. Take care, 1 Life, compass Right," browse Akshay’s caption.

If Akshay has managed to remain work, and how, as is obvious from the photograph, it's only because of his 'all-natural' mantra. The Mission Mangal actor doesn’t believe diet. He, instead, believes in consumption right, and additional significantly, at the proper time of the day. He reportedly finishes dinner by 7pm, whether or not he’s reception or shooting outdoors.

Akshay’s elbow grease regime, excluding rigorous gymnasium sessions, conjointly includes athletics to strengthen the core, kickboxing, swimming, or simply a game of volleyball by the beach. His Instagram even shows him Hoola-hooping to figure his back and abdomen muscles. there's virtually nothing the person won’t do to remain fit! conjointly, that hanging from a pole in Trafalgar Square that Twinkle Khanna gave the USA a glimpse of.

But what Akshay will not do is take supplements. In his latest post, Akshay urges his fans to ditch the pills and powders and go the all-natural thanks to building a body that may stand the take a look at of your time. we have a tendency to can’t say we’re not impressed. After all, the proof lies within the pudding!


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