About Us

About Us


*Empowering Minds, Informing Lives*

The Time Reports is a proud creation of Squad Capitals, a trailblazing organization dedicated to fostering trust, credibility, and admiration over its distinguished legacy. Established as one of India's most respected and diversified media conglomerates, Squad Capitals ventured into the media landscape with THE TIME REPORTS news website in 2017. This marked the onset of a transformative journey, propelling the group into a multi-brand, multi-platform, and multi-vertical media powerhouse.

Our Legacy:

Since its inception, THE TIME REPORTS has been at the forefront of delivering news that matters. With an unwavering commitment to journalistic and editorial excellence, setting the bar for trust, integrity, and excellence across Publishing, Digital platforms.

Our Reach:

THE TIME REPORTS has evolved into a global, digital news media, and entertainment company. Our brands are not merely sources of information; they are experiences that resonate with over 30 thousand viewers, readers, listeners, and subscribers worldwide. We take pride in our undisputed leadership across categories, providing content that spans Tech, Politics, World Affairs, Sports, Business, and Entertainment.

Technology-Driven Excellence:

Powered by our proprietary technology, we are the go-to source for a dedicated and influential global audience. At The Time Reports, we believe in not just reporting news but in empowering minds and informing lives.

Join us on this journey of innovation, trust, and excellence. Welcome to The Time Reports - Where Every Story Matters.

-- Pavan Kumar N R
Founder of Squad Capitals

Since September 2018 we have built an audience of over 30 thousand readers and have even created the TTR.
On Twitter, I'm @TTReportsNews


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