Interview with Actress 'Popcorn Monkey Tiger' Sinchana Gowda

Actress Sinchana Gowda

The actress who is currently best known for her role as a star is Sinchana Gowda. Born in Hassan and raised in Bangalore, Sinchana, Dr. Vishnuvardhan, Ambarish, Darshan, Lovely Star Prem, Yash followed Sandalwood as another actor. None of this is new to the Kannada audience.

Because Sinchana is already one of the popular actresses on television. He is also an actress who is already familiar with some films. Not only that, this Sinchana is, by the way, a very 'nice girl'.

Sinchana is well known to all through the 'Saavu in Love' and 'Popcorn Monkey Tiger' featured films. Sinchana is the protagonist of the music's 'Life is a Precious Gift' which is currently streaming on 'Spotify' with over 300 other music platforms.

Surprisingly, the heroine of the series, Sinchana, is more popular than most if the heroines are famous by all means.

Sinchana let her go wherever she came. It is difficult to walk outside ... It is difficult to realize now that Sinchana herself.

Actress Sinchana, who recently shone in 'film industry, has now taken a bold step towards becoming a movie star. SInchana, who is currently working on a film titled 'Jeevave' with his own story and screenplay, talks with Shriram of 'The Time Reports'.

* Tell us about your education and hometown ...

Born in Hassan. Nammappa Raghu and Amma Nagarathna. Though I was born and raised in Bangalore,  I studied in a primary and secondary school in Hassan. Further education, studied B.Com in Hassan. See next page ...

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