Serena Williams Shares lovable Photos of 2-Year-Old female offspring Olympia as a Flower woman

Serena Williams Shares lovable Photos of 2-Year-Old female offspring Olympia as a Flower woman

Olympia's light-weight pink dress was too cute — it featured a network bottom and a jeweled one-shoulder high that mounted at the aspect of a cloth pink bow.

(Photo: Instagram/serenawilliams)
Serena Williams denotes associate lovely series of photos of 2-year-old girl Olympia on Saturday, showing off her very little one’s excitement because the flower woman in a very wedding additionally attended by Williams and husband Alexis Ohanian.

Olympia’s lightweight pink dress was too cute with a net bottom and a bejeweled one-shoulder high that mounted alongside a fabric pink bow. The small fry dressed up the design with a try of sparkly kitten heels and wore her short hair up in 3 little buns.

“She took her flower woman job terribly seriously!!!,” Williams, 38, captioned the sweet Instagram post.

“Congrats,” she extra, tagging her new family unit. “So happy for you each.”

The first photograph within the series captured Olympia in black-and-white with an enormous smile, as she showed off her bouquet for the marriage.

Williams additionally shared the sweet moment once her girl practiced her flower woman skills holding onto a tiny low white, petal-filled basket with a pink handle.

Tired from her duties, the lawn tennis star then shared a silly image of her girl contact the bottom in her dress, taking a possibility whereas she checked out a book.

In the last image from Williams’ social media post, Ohanian, 36, and also the jock square measure each dressed to the nines as they playfully swung their girl within the air.

For the celebration, the mummy of 1 wore a pink, halter neck robe whereas Ohanian opted for a suit with an identical pink tie.

Recently, Williams shared another photograph of her girl rocking a similarly-styled pink dress. Olympia looked able to lead a dance recital in a very video the lawn tennis star shared on her Instagram Story early weekday morning.

In the selfie-style footage, Williams recorded very little Olympia — United Nations agency wore a long-sleeved pink tutu-style outfit, complete with a pattern of hearts, stars and a gold crown on the front — because the small fry aforesaid, “Mama, Mama, Mama,” and force on the athlete’s arm.

“Come on,” Olympia requested, prompting her mother to raise, “Where you taking me?”

Olympia eventually gave up, uproariously dropping Williams’ hand and exiting the frame once throwing one last inquisitive look into the camera.

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