Gang Leader picture show Review: Nani is that the star in an exceedingly funny however illogical film

Gang Leader picture show Review: Nani is that the star in an exceedingly funny however illogical film

Director Vikram K Kumar's Gang Leader major Nani is funny in elements, however, is very predictable and illogical. It may are way more if solely the book had some substance.

Poster of Nani's Gang Leader. (Photo: India Today)
Movie Name: Gang Leader
Director: Vikram K Kumar
Director Vikram Kumar's Gang Leader does not waste time and delves right into the story. Six covert folks area unit robbery a bank with preciseness and do not leave any clue behind. As they rob Rs three hundred large integer, one amongst six members shoots the remainder and escapes with the cash.

14 months later, kin of those 5 dead robbers is part of hands to hunt revenge and approach author Pencil Parthasarathy (Nani) for an equivalent. He hesitates ab initio, however, agrees to assist him thus he will flip it into his original novel. So far, he has solely been plagiarising content from Hollywood films.

Now, imagine a story wherever an author World Health Organization writes (read: plagiarises) revenge stories, helps 5 girls look for revenge. It can be a kickass comedy on-screen with tense moments. However, Gang Leader is funny and thrilling solely in elements.

It is veteran actor Hindu deity (who plays Saraswathi aka Bamma) World Health Organization brings along four different girls on this revenge mission. First, why would grown-up girls encourage a child to penalize the death of her father? although they observe it, it's the small child (child actor Praanya) World Health Organization is that the 1st to leap on this mission.

Gang Leader's strength lies in its unimaginable comedy and Nani's impeccable temporal arrangement. Nani, Hindu deity and Saranya Ponvannan shoulder the whole moving-picture show with their terrific performances. the primary 1/2 Gang Leader is full of moments which can cause you to laugh aloud.

However, once villain Dev (Karthikeya Gummakonda) enters, everything goes haywire. Right from his backstory to the revelation behind why the 5 folks robbed a bank, everything does not produce the impact it ought to have. He additionally has an equivalent expression in each doable state of affairs life throws at him. He appearance ominous, but to us, he comes across as somebody World Health Organization is simply brooding over some uninteresting stuff.

Nani's performance deserves a special mention as he holds the thin story along. His wit, comic temporal arrangement and minute expressions area unit loveable to look at on-screen. Hindu deity Associate in Nursingd Saranya Ponvannan add depth to an otherwise bland film with their near-perfect performances.

The weak link in Gang Leader is its haphazard script that is stuffed to the brim with too several subplots. These sub-stories aren't totally carved out and area unit left incomplete at off places. for instance, there is a production romance between Nani and Priyanka. there is a message regarding however oldsters area unit left at adulthood homes. there is a story a few kid World Health Organization lost her voice thanks to the untimely death of her father.

At a point, these sub-plots become an excessive amount of for the core story that Gang Leader is hinged on. Gang Leader had the most potential. If solely Vikram Kumar had targeted additional on the film's script, it may are a fascinating watch.

Anirudh Ravichander's music, Miroslaw Kuba Brozek's filming and therefore the film's production style area unit all excellent for the film's setting. Overall, Gang Leader is good in sure elements. If solely that might are extended to make the whole film. If only.

2.5 out of five stars for Gang Leader.


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